Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The chair creaks
the sound echoes
in the silence of the room.
The sound of
my pen
scratching away
at the paper
is loud,
and daunting.
Word after word
I write
and word after word
I cut,
nothing seems good.
Restless, I feel,
the words locked
inside of me.
Wanting to get out,
but not being able
to do so.
Hidden from me,
my words abandon me
in this time
of need.
Silence surrounds me,
suffocating me,
strangelling me.
Like a noose
around my neck,
tightening with
every passing minute.
I scramble for
and my words.
I feel like a
ticking bomb,
waiting to explode,
at any moment.
But still they hide,
beneath their hidden perch.
My words, oh words,
where have you gone?
Come back to me,
I promise
to fully pay my respects to you, and
I will
pay my dues to you.
Just come back.

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