Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yearning To Be An Adult

As a kid,
you wonder
how to be an adult
to talk
to walk
to behave like them
is one of our favorite pastimes.
We never get enough
of it.
We anticipate 
the day when we
finally turn to adults.
When we get to do
what we want.
Freedom, no care
and superiority
all these
glittered like gems 
in our childish eyes.
Waiting for us to
grab them
and enjoy them.
But I guess
the saying
"all that glitters is not gold"
is very much true.
It really isn't what
we had thought it out be.
What we had 
seen as glittering gems,
was nothing but,
shiny rock.
Rocks that were
buried underneath 
countless layers of
responsibility, fears,
doubts, insecurities
and judgment.
That by the time 
we even get to the
shiny rocks
they have already
lost their shine
and are brittle
After having born
such burden.
I guess, 
being an adult is not
all its made out to be.
For I long for the
that I wasted 
yearning to be an adult.

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