Monday, March 5, 2012

Her Fire

The fire in her, burned
Bright and loud.
Her childlike laughter
Went round and round.
Toddling away she fell and slipped
She cried and screamed,
But never,
Did she stop.

As she grew,
To school she went
Teachers, rules and strict discipline
Was she taught.
Yet still no matter what
Her fire burned
Bright and loud.

As she grew,
She gained experiences,
Met new people
And experienced different situations.
She travelled the,
Hard and rough road
Complaining sometimes
Tears another,
But never quitting.

Now an old woman
With family around,
The laughter of her daughter
And daughter's daughter
Went round and round.
Her fire,
Though not so bright
Or loud,
Only a little subdued
Where her family and children
Will warm their hands
Against her knowledge and experience
The lessons of life,
She learned.

Her fire burned a
Little subdued.
Not so loud anymore,
Yet bright as ever.

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