Sunday, June 26, 2011


A phoenix
rises out of the ashes
that consumes her, only to be burned again
Like a phoenix, I will rise again
out of the fire that consumes me
only to be consumed by it again
submitting myself to it
because, I don't have any choice
becuase my choice was my made when I heard his name!
A drug, an antidote
Bad or good
Call it whatever you want it
I don't care
All I care, All I want is
to submit myself  fully to it
No matter the consequence
My devotion to him
is the only thing I can show
even though he is probably
unaware of even my existence
and sitting thousands of miles away
I still don't care
but like a phoenix
I will be consumed in this again and again
only to be burned again and again
but I will rise
Soon, like a phoenix.

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